What is more important penis girth or length?

By | January 18, 2017

What do Women think about this subject?girth

Even though few women say that they are bothered about penis size (they are more interested in the way you use your penis), when questioned what they prefer a lengthier or thicker penis, they are divided in two.

The benefits of girth…

Now when it comes to sexual pleasure, most females apparently prefer girth.

This is because it can stimulate the nerves around the entrance of the vagina, as well as their G-spot (which by the way can be found Two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina), so more girth can increase their likelihood of orgasm.

One study also discovered that women’s penis preferences depended on how sexually experienced they were.

Particularly, among women who said they had had One to two lovers in total, girth and length were rated similarly in terms of importance.

As the number of lovers increased, so did the importance put on both penile sizes. With more experience, women came to rate girth to be more important than length.

This means that neither dimension of penis size makes a difference that much to women until they have established some comparison level.

This comparison level seems to have more effect on just how women feel about girth, though.
This study tells us that a few women do in fact care about length, but more women prefer girth.

Now what do men think?

lengthIt is easy to understand why a lot of men are thinking about increasing their own penis size. All through history, powerful men have been portrayed as having a long manhood.

For most guys, it is all about having a lengthier penis. The longer you are, the more you will be able to satisfy your lover.

So, which is better?

Apart from the obvious advantages of having a larger penis (i.e. you can enter further and harder) both circumference and length can help increase your self-confidence in the bedroom.

Does the Size of your Penis Really Matter? Well it does in some cases, especially where a man has lost is confidence.

the good news is it is possible to increase the size of both…length or girth

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